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Shining light on the shame & stigmas of depression, addiction and suicide.  


I specialize in helping individuals, businesses and institutions effectively fight back against depression, addiction and suicide...with DIGNITY and COMPASSION!

The problem IS NOT the person.  The problem IS NOT a weakness.  The problem IS THESE are diseases, and we MUST BEGIN TO NORMALIZE talking about them to begin to heal.   

I speak on: 

  • Incredible personal stories on how to overcome the seemingly impossible grips of mental disease.

  • The science on choosing, challenging and reframing your thoughts, behaviors and actions.

  • The necessary skills on how to become a mental health advocate for those who suffer from and/or have been directly impacted by suicide. 

  • Navigating and debunking the stigmas of mental health that exist in our culture.

  • How to find and live into purpose and joy.  YOUR DISEASE DOES NOT DEFINE YOU. 

  • So much more!

If you are looking for a high energy, powerful and engaging event, I am the speaker for you!


  Podcast Thoughts on Mental Health/Coaching



Josh Wolf is a current Triathlon Coach, Athlete and Speaker. A suicide survivor and Wellness Mentor, his mission is to spread joy, hope and purpose. 

He holds a B.S. Kinesiology as well as an NCSA CPT, NASM CES, PN Level 1 Coach & has held USAT Tri and Ironman U certs.

Josh has 20+ years coaching and behavior modification experience in working with individuals, businesses and athletes. He’s a 6 Time Ironman World Championship Qualifier, 9 time All American Triathlete and Multiple IM event Age Group Champion and Ultra-Distance Cycling competitor. With a huge heart, incredible energy, you can’t help but be inspired when you’re around Josh Wolf! He resides in a suburb of Kansas City, with his lovely wife, 2 step sons and is a proud dog dad.

Being vulnerable is being powerful.



Thinking Man on Couch



Suicide.  It has never been so prevalent.  Yet we never talk about it.  We don't know what to say, and often what we do say not only misses the mark, it can make things worse. 

Here I talk about my own story of depression and suicide as a teenager.  From addiction to the day my life changed forever... to thriving in who I am today, I share how the disease has shaped my life.  

The audience will learn how to identify triggers & find "joy-givers", how to overcome feelings of shame, what to do and what NOT to do when you see warning signs, how to be there if someone you know has lost someone to suicide and how to reframe your thoughts to achieve anything and everything you thought you couldn't do.   

Keynotes. Assemblies.  Events. 

Image by Külli Kittus

We are all shaped by our past.  When we look at and begin to do work with what happened to us while growing up, it can be challenging to navigate.  How do you bring up hurt & trauma, especially with those you love? 


In this session I share with the audience how I did this with my father in my early 20s.  I tell a story on the hurt I felt and how I respectively shared this with my own Dad.   Deeply moving and powerful, the audience will learn ways to forgive with dignity, both for yourself and for the person who caused the hurt. 

If you are ready to do the work to heal or need to figure out how to start, this session is for you. 

Keynotes. Lunch & Learns. Events. 

Trauma and Hurt: Healing & Addressing with Dignity 

Female Developers

Five "S's" to Mental Wellness 

Mental Health is not something that only a few have; we all have mental health.  And your mental health, like your physical health, is impacted by what we choose to do.  

During the popular workshop the audience explores the Five "S's" to Mental Health.  Each of these are backed by science, personal experience and currently used with my clients in the field.  Some of them might shock you! 

The audience will have a chance to practice some of these during the session, and will have the opportunity to apply them all on a day-to-day basis. 

This educational session will leave you with practical and specific ways to start impacting your mental health TODAY! 

Events.  Workshops.  Lunch & Learns. 




From initial contact to post event follow through, the guy is just flat out on point! Easy to communicate with and professional…Simply one of the best speakers I have had for our group over the last 10 years - highly recommend!


Jason D. Reece

Christ Prep Academy Coach (Track & Field / Cross Country)


Josh came and talked to SKC employees about reframing your mindset, setting goals, and achieving what we once thought was impossible… Josh's story and message helped show that you can set goals and achieve them as long as you have the right frame of mind.

Kendra Hansen Best

Director of HR

I have worked with Josh for just over two years now and his ability to keep the audience engaged weather it be in person or virtual is the best feature about him as a speaker.

Scheduling sessions has been a very smooth process, he’s been wonderful overall to work with for scheduling and presenting. I strongly recommend his services!”


Alison Smith

Corporate and Community Wellness Coordinator

Johnson County Park & Recreation District.


"Josh was the keynote speaker for Rediscovering You's Mental Wellness Conference in 2021.  He was a passionate speaker that shared his story of strength, courage, and overcoming. 


To say it was impactful and inspiring would be a drastic understatement. 


I am thankful for Josh, his dedication to the mental health field, and his compassion for the community as we could not do this without him."

Katherine Melton, MPH, MCHES



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