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 About Josh:

Josh jumped into his first triathlon in 2005 on a whim.   With little to no athletic background (he retired from baseball in the 3rd grade) he noticed that he was really good at one thing: not quitting. 


Diving into endurance sports, he quickly realized that, like life, triathlon is more than getting to the finish line.  It's about the journey of self discovery--a lifestyle that gives you the opportunity to overcome challenges.  And with this gift comes the life-changing realization that we can truly achieve things we thought that we could not.  
Over 15 years later he now is a prominent coach in KC.   He leads the Wolfpack Tri Community, JCCC Kids Tri Camp; is a SMP Tri Ambassador, Cycle Instructor, Swim Coach; and coaches athletes of all ages and abilities from kids to big kids at heart aiming for that Kona slot.
His coaching style is distinctive: customized & collaborative, it's beyond a plan.  Leaning heavy on art AND science, it is truly a customized, all-in approach that changes the MINDBODY.  Coachjwolf realizes that we are all unique and therefore need a unique coaching approach. 

You can find him embarking on crazy biking adventures, leading time trials, head down at home scheming up magic on Training Peaks; teaching swim lessons at Lifetime, going on coffee dates with his wife, stirring up trouble with his sons and/or playing stick with his dog. 

If you're looking for a coach who will go all in on your goals, help you change how you train AND see the world, coachjwolf might be the coach for you. 



B.S. Kinesiology.  NCSA CPT,  NASM CES. PN LV 1 Coach. 

Former USAT Level I and Ironman U certified. 

20+ years coaching experience.

Athletic Achievements: 

  • 6 Time Ironman World Championship Qualifier

  • 9 time All American Triathlete

  • IM Chatt Age Group Champion

  • Multiple Overall Triathlon Wins 

  • World Record Holder W-E Missouri 

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Coaching Options


Wolfpack Community

Community is everything.  In the Wolfpack you will find an inviting, strong and unapologetically tight community. 

Whether cheering for teammates at races, celebrating birthdays and even being there in the hardest of times, the Wolfpack is a like a family. 

Offering both free and paid training opportunities, many athletes find an ala carte-style of coaching, while others are there for track night, Saturday rides and hilarity/camaraderie found in group chats. 

Check out the Wolfpack Community Facebook page for more and join us for some fun!   


Monthly Plan

If you want some direction and a month to month progressive program designed and catered to you, then this might be for you.  


All programs are created via an online coaching platform (TrainingPeaks), and take into consideration comments as well as metrics to progress athletes to key races. 


Clearly laid out and uniquely made, this is great for athletes that wanting help and not able to invest in coaching. 

Monthly plan athletes also receive discounts on paid coaching services, as well as all the fun of the Wolfpack Community!   




Meant for athletes wanting to maximize their potential, coaching offers specific, customized and daily feedback.   

Taking years of experience, personal influence from some of the best coaches in the world and Josh's own unique style, coaching completely changes the way you train, recover and sometimes even do life.  

If you are embarking on your first Ironman, looking to compete at the World Championships, or simply want to get the most out of your training, coaching is your best bet!



What Athletes Say


"I love Josh's personal and approachable coaching.  He works hard to find the strength within us.  What's great is that it can be tailored to meet my needs. Some weeks I need a lot of direct support and others I just need to know that someone is watching me and therefore holding me accountable.  We have great chats over coffee and every personal session I have ever had has taught me something new!"

~ Zach Collins 

"Josh’s enthusiasm for coaching and vast knowledge guided my body and mind to achieve things I didn’t think was possible. He’s a great leader with an amazing supportive community!"

~ Sarah Formen  

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"Coach Wolf embodies all of the best qualities for a coach: empathy, curiosity, sincerity, positivity, and creativity. Having him in my corner has not only opened my adventure to becoming a competitive triathlete, but also helped me open my own mind to break down barriers to becoming a healthier me."

~ Jill Hamilton-Reeves 

"I always enjoy how Josh’s primary focus is on the journey through training, community, and personal growth over any race outcome.  Yet still, his coaching knowledge led to many Wolfpack podium finishers at every race."

~ Leann Carlson  

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"Josh transformed the way I train physically and mentally. Through both those aspects, I was able to attain new levels of success. ('With Feeling')."

~ Yaseen El-Demerdash 

“An athlete is more than just muscles trained to function. Mindset, Preparation, and Patience are skills that need coaching and Josh looks at an athlete with a holistic approach. When physical fitness, mentality and emotions are all aligned you're ready to perform”

~ Freddy Ford


“Working with Josh was the best decision I made to accomplish my goal of completing a 70.3. During my first swim session, Josh was the only one of us who thought I’d be able to make it 1.2 miles in the water. It didn’t matter that I wasn’t a world class athlete, he gave me all of the attention, guidance, coaching, tools and encouragement I needed to truly be at my best...Josh is not only a coach, but a friend to everyone he coaches. I wouldn’t want to train with anyone else!”                       

                                                               ~ Kali Yates

image0 (8).jpeg

“Coach Wolf is more than just a coach. He is a mentor, cheerleader, teammate, and friend. He does all he can to personally help you as best of his abilities!”

~ Gabe Traub

IMG_0004 (1).JPG

"Josh is so in tune that he seems to anticipate when I need a nudge or need to to back off a bit.   I get texts asking how I’m doing or giving me a bit of motivation right as I’m talking myself out of my workout!"                         

                                           ~ Kelly Ruppelius 

"To me, a great coach is someone who leads by example, listens to you, motivates you, and believes in you!  They are there for you and share with you your struggles and your successes! Josh not only helped me be the best I can be in my sport, but also in life!"

                                              ~ Kurt Niemackl


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