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Josh Wolf is a current Life & Tri Coach, Ultra Athlete and Speaker. A suicide survivor and mental wellness advocate his purpose is to spread hope and joy that comes in knowing your purpose.

He holds a B.S. Kinesiology as well as an NCSA CPT, NASM CES, PN Level 1 Coach & has held USAT Tri and Ironman U certs.

Josh has 20+ years coaching and behavior modification experience in working with individuals, businesses and athletes. He’s a 6 Time Ironman World Championship Qualifier, 9 time All American Triathlete and Multiple IM event Age Group Champion. With a huge heart, incredible energy, you can’t help but be inspired when you’re around Josh Wolf! He resides in a suburb of Kansas City, with his lovely wife, 2 step sons and is a proud dog dad.

“I believe you are stronger than you think….now it’s your turn to begin to thrive .” ~ Josh Wolf




The Power of

The Pull

It’s the most powerful force in the universe…and it’s FREE.


Here the audience learns how to find and LIVE INTO their purpose, and what the pull can do to change everything and anything in life. From the science of capturing/changing thoughts to captivating stories of both despair and crazy success, the audience will take away practical tools to start to use the pull TODAY.


By the end, they will be able to take their biggest weakness and transform it into their biggest strength! Come find out what the power of the pull can do for you!

Digital Chronometer

A Secret

Success Strategy:
The 5 Minute Rule

Five minutes. It isn’t much time. But it is enough time to change EVERYTHING.


In a very practical and instantly applicable workshop, here the audience will learn a proven method to make dreams, goals, relationships, new habits…you name it become A LIVING REALITY.


Supported and used in cognitive therapy, the audience will learn how to incorporate this daily to achieve anything and everything. It’s that simple. The challenge comes in the question…will you apply it?

Image by Marc Rafanell López

Breaks for 


Go go go is the road to a productive day, right? Maybe not.


In this session we uncover the science behind taking breaks, midday walks and even naps! The audience will learn why, how and when to take more breaks to increase productivity and feel more satisfied with your day.


Whether the audience is made up of companies looking to increase productivity for the long haul or the audience is simply feels there is too much time/not enough energy at the end of the day, they will walk way equipped to untap the secret of this method.



From initial contact to post event follow through, the guy is just flat out on point! Easy to communicate with and professional…Simply one of the best speakers I have had for our group over the last 10 years - highly recommend!


Jason D. Reece

Christ Prep Academy Coach (Track & Field / Cross Country)

Josh came and talked to SKC employees about reframing your mindset, setting goals, and achieving what we once thought was impossible… Josh's story and message helped show that you can set goals and achieve them as long as you have the right frame of mind.

Kendra Hansen Best

Director of HR

I have worked with Josh for just over two years now and his ability to keep the audience engaged weather it be in person or virtual is the best feature about him as a speaker.

Scheduling sessions has been a very smooth process, he’s been wonderful overall to work with for scheduling and presenting. I strongly recommend his services!”


Alison Smith

Corporate and Community Wellness Coordinator

Johnson County Park & Recreation District.

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